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Eat Pray Love and PLAY!


We Women are absorbed creatures, with whatever we do we put our heart, soul, desire, love and whatever the hell we have got, in it! and hey! we worry baby! we worry about the hair graying, the excess weight, the boyfriend who doesn’t value you, the job which you are pulling somehow, the next best dress, the food you eat…….huh!! We worry about practically almost everything!

Then hey! We one day meet these bunch of people! who are chilled out about everything and yet doing great in whatever they are doing, looking ravishing, Having the best parties, pulling off great bodies, basically happy with their lives and we wonder…why do i have to put up a show to be happy?  To be accepted, to be loved, to be ravishing! However, we still do it!

I am not telling you here that we are wired differently, or that we think or this isn’t remotely about the being feminist and feminism. In fact, it is about endorphins.  These endorphins are released in your body while laughing, smiling, and loving, being happy and breastfeeding! These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain. Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine.


Since Drugs are banned in most of the places, and if you are not breastfeeding! Can you be really be instantly happy doing something you would not regret when you wake up in the morning? Well guess what, yes, there is a way to rescue ourselves from the darkness, wear your tracks, jump on the treadmill, go out for a

run, play tennis or whatever your pleasure poison be!

Exercise Baby! Working out is it, your Drug for happiness! Feel lonely hit the gym, feel depressed, go run, feel terrible plunge into a pool. Have a moment for your beautiful body, for the fibers, muscles tissues that are dying to get some fresh air, some relaxation and some breathing!

You know I love this Tag Line by Nike, Just Do IT!

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