The age you feel from inside and the age you are at might be a complete mismatch!

So, here is a thing that I just realized that I really relate to the 18-22 years old, love their energy, want to basically keep doing the mindless cajoling around, chilling, making no sense and having fun!

Is it a problem? That I don’t want to grow with age? Guess not, it is a blessing, its blessing to be alive and feel the air in your breath, the rain on your skin and the stride in your feet!

Work, age acting grown up and responsibilities tied all of us up, but here is what I think, you only as tied as you think you are, the day you decide to loosen up a little and enjoy yourself a little, that’s when you unleash. Your real self!

So no harm in untying yourself a little bit, feel joy in crazy stupid things like rolling off hills or just jumping on the dance floor, its never too late to feel your soul once in a while, and not bother about being judged!
I am freeing myself up, are YOU?

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