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This Life or that You will Always be fine

So here is a thing! its called survival of the fittest…living in the society where everything comes so easily to us that the only problem we have really is to choose between weather you’ll have a coffee or tea..its hard to even imagine what Charles Darwin coined, unrelatable right? How about now!

These are times of great stress and anxiety, you never know when will you die, but who asked you to live forever anyway. The best thing during the times of great uncertainty is to cling on to that hope that’s inside of all humans. The hope of a better and a healthy world, the hope that this too shall pass like all the other catastrophic events.

I have always advocated for looking at life from the shade of pink, guess this is the time we all need to wear those glasses and make the best out of what we have got! pray and never doubt…

This life or that…you’ll always be fine!

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