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Are you misaligned?

Sometimes, do you feel that things are not right inside you when everything is right, the spiritual leaders tell us everything that’s inside reflects on the outside, but do you feel all that great inside to finally bring it to the outside?
Of course, not all the times, especially not when things are moving the way they should, or you generally lazy in life.
I remember there was this time when I was seeking spirituality so heavily that I had planned to go McLeod Ganj (a small town in Himachal) to seek spirituality, I went in the search of my answers but unfortunately dint get any answers. Disheartened I was on my way back and was eating in a lounge and then there was this woman all dressed in orange , old and plump but beautiful looking woman, she almost passed for an old actress, she came and sat next to me, we started having conversations around life, she happened to come from the Tagore family, sister of Sharmila Tagore
She told me, you know you should cleanse your chakra and energy and align yourself with yourself before stepping foot on the ground, you’ll rise like a wildfire.
I had no idea that this piece of advice coming from a total stranger who also happened to be Mahayana Buddhist would be so useful. She even showed me a picture of his holiness the Dalai lama which was clicked on the same day I had gone to his shrine. It was the lady’s birthday and she went every year to celebrate her birthday with his holiness. It was almost like this message was directly sent to me from his holiness, since he couldn’t meet me, or I wasn’t enough in my being to meet him.
Ever since then I had always wondered that life is strange and beautiful, answers might come to you and your prayers can come true, but if they do you recognize them? Do you recognize the form?
Well, that’s a different discussion for a different blog post, but let’s talk about the misalignment that was causing me a lot of pain and grief in living and how one simple exercise of aligning my chakra helped me sail through life like a breeze.
As we live, we develop e a lot of misconceptions and experience es in our subconscious that basically become the drivers of the way we react and act and choose in life. However unfortunately not all experiences were meant for you to experience and getting rid of their impact on you is impossible. Sometimes they even form your personality.
The personality alteration can only be done once you recognize your personality and know yourself, chakra alignment is knowing every inch of your desires, wants, limitations, needs, because the person you are is amazing! And you don’t operate like your neighbor.
Chakra healing not only aligns you to your truth but balances you with the natural life force and aligns you to your higher purpose!

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