Surf My Toxins away!

I have no idea what i will be writing in this particular blog, because its simple I love surfing. The time in my life which take me away from my life into deep blue waters. Waters that are sometimes cold, sometimes not so cold, but pure, unadulterated pleasure. The natural way of life, the fishes the waves, sand and sun everything calms me down, I feel Home.

I surf because i feel home, that’s important you know, finding your home. A place where you can’t help but feel blessed, happy and belonging. If that’s your office, congratulations you’ll be rich!

But why do we need a home away from home, one home after another? we are humans, we need to feel safe, cared for, loved and ourselves, our true selves. We all tread different paths in lives, someone is a corporate lawyer, someone and actor, someone a businesswoman. But we all need to go back home, where unwinding is easy and natural.

That’s home, unwind and relax and be yourself, be happy at most moments because everywhere else other than home, there is a little bit of effort, little bit of acting and a lot of pressure.

I surf my toxins away! what do you do?

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