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Moon River and Me, there is such a lot of world to see…My huckleberry friend

Solitude, Oh it comes naturally, sometime unannounced, sometimes needed.
sometimes you want to shut everything up and distance yourself from everyone and just sit at a quiet place read a book sip some coffee and listen to music.

wonder how an all-time hit like harry potter was created in utter solitude and silence and pain. How can someone going through a trauma of a lifetime transform the face of literature and in such shot time. Then I go back writing myself…

Life usually is unfair and unplanned. Sometimes it drives you to a point where you don’t want to come back from. The point where the world and the meaning of the world starts fading away, you and your oneness is enough and there is a whole world within yourself, things you believe in , the world that you want to live in , sometimes all that is imaginary, sometimes it’s all your belief that you live by. The stars, the moon, the river and me! Remember Audrey Hepburn from the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” the hopeful lady signing in her solitude in her most natural self, the most beautiful self.

Life is a but a beautiful garden of roses, there are roses and roses of all colors, thorns of all sizes, leaves of all shapes! Pink is what i choose…every single time and again! Because someone sang a beautiful song

La vie En Rose

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