Living or Not Living?

When you get up early morning and think about yourself, do you feel excited ? do you feel that this day you are going to live? that if i let go of today i am going to miss a lot in my life.

Ever wondered why they say time is the most valuable thing in the world. Because once its gone its gone, once today is gone it will only be yesterday , then a memory until it fades away. so I always had this idea that when I will turn a certain age and look back and see , I should have been smiling at my memories, being happy that I fully lived it and that there were no regrets.

So I got up the next day and the first things that came to my mind were the problems, difficulties, to do list , my boss, miserable relationships. Then i wondered, do they really mean a thing in my life?
Isn’t what i have in my life is just today ? do I know what will future have and can i do anything about my past?
No, then why not my friend cease this day?

If we live everyday with this awareness then would life be so much worth remembering , so beautiful, so alive and present? where you can feel every moment passing by and live it?

Cease The day my friend!

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