The Caribbean feel in budget! The O Hotel Goa Beach Restrobar!

When in candolim Goa, there is an absolute must café, to go to and if you are lucky enough you get the place just right at the beach, overlooking the beautiful sea, the lovely pristine sand and the soft lit place. It will immediately transport you to a beach side restaurant in the Caribbean and would want you to take you date here!

Although the restaurant primary selling point is its casino which is as amazing as the word goes, but what I loved the most was its beautiful, just perfectly lit beach Restrobar!

The white out of a shipwreck furniture and a treasure box will make u dwell in it for a hunt. The mesmerizing effect of the ambiance will leave u with a sweet memory and to top it all the drinks are as satiating and wonderfully mixed.

This place is definite to do in goa! Managed and run by mother and daughter duo with brilliant hospitality, stop for a drink here before you leave!

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