House Boat or Boat in the house!

I know, I know, We are in kerela backwaters more specifically Alappuza. So this was about two years back, me and a friend got tired of our mundane 9-5 jobs and wanted to take a refresher.

We had heard about the house boats and the old rustic wooden feeling to the the boats but we had no idea where to book it. we went to the gods own country to find it out ourselves , oh boy to our surprise, we had to travel another three hours from Kochi to reach alappuza. I will have a separate Blog for Must see places in kochi, but this one is dedicated to The house boat experience in the calm lake.

So out boat pics us up form one of the river sides and the moment we enter we are greeted by the courteous staff who gave us a tour of the boat. Well i can say that out boat was nothing like the wooden image i had in my mind. The rooms were upscale and very modern. The boat was centrally air-conditioned and the staff was amazing.We were offered sumptuous lunch which as one of the best fresh water fishes, yummy!

We stopped at the small kerela massage indigenous local centers, those were laid just in the middle of nowhere. After a de-stress massage, the boat was again there to pick us up! we are already half way down the day and its “Chai” (that is Tea in Hindi, and survival generally) and Pakora time, and well the chai and pakora at the Bow of boat was a experience in itself!

Later our staff got down and got us a nice local Kerala fenny like alcohol! This however was made of rice and coconut! which tasted amazing and got us knocked off in the party mode!

Morning blues were well taken care by the fresh lemon juice and amazing cup of coffee in our beautiful fairy tale room. And after the breakfast we said goodbye to out beautiful boat which was our home for almost a day!

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