The invisible ghost of growing old

They say age is just a number, it’s all in your mind or better still you are who you think you are. But does age really doesn’t have any effect on us?
That moment when you complete a decade and there is another 0 after your age, isn’t that a reminder of your age, the life that has passed, does it ever take you to the introspection road? How has life been and what did I make of it?
Did I really do what I wanted to or did I just while away time.
The growing older trauma, and yes, I call it trauma, I had almost hidden because of the burden of putting a 30. So, what is 30?
Growing up I used to think once a 30-year-old is no more someone who isn’t irresponsible or immature. But hey look at me I am still the same nothing has changed, inside I am still a kid. A kid who is been given the title and needs to act more responsible.
The expectations that the world has set with ages and crossing the ages without having fulfilled a certain social expectation is what bugs you down. But until when, the question is why should one act in a way that is expected? why you can’t do the things that feel right to you and not to the world.
I could have named this blog better as “yes I never will grow old the same way”
Live, dance, play and do the hell you want to until some of those bones starts to crack, call yourself old when you don’t understand life! Just not Yet~
“My Life is as spectacular and miraculous, as I always dreamed of”

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