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Hold Your Head Up! Empress is made out of wars and Not out of walk in gardens

Most often there are times when we feel let down, by people, or some plan hasn’t worked out that you hoped for, and that is very often. I am yet to meet someone who says that my life is perfect. Life s about solving problems and steering your boat to the direction you think is your path. These times are hard , really hard on you, emotional breakdown is tough to handle and to come out of them is a whole different game. so what do we do now?

Now this is a personal philosophy, its totally on your discretion to pick up or not!

We all have an optimum operating level, all of us , we have a particular metabolism, heart rate, pace of walking, life speed, our energy levels. That on general doesn’t change for most of our lives. This optimum level is called the pace of your life, or the pace at which you as a whole system operate.

What you really need to be doing in these tough times is to double the pace or at least try to speed up your natural way of living, look better than usual, jog more than usual, or at a higher speed, focus on work more than usual, achieve more than usual, be kind more than usual. Its like swimming against he water current, you don’t want to flow where the water is taking you but you want to be swimming to your direction, so you double your efforts so that you can out-speed the water current. Life is life flowing water, sometimes it will flow with you, sometimes against, learn to use the current to steer you in your direction.
While you are focused on 2x -ing you life and increasing the level of operating in your life, you are doing two things, you are putting all you have including the hurt and lull emotions into the work that is going to make you a better human being and you are becoming better from before and refusing to step down. You become so focused on the next big achievement that you forget what you actually lost or failed at.

Refuse to step down from the game, increase the stakes! with every blow out, become stronger , wiser, healthier, better and happier. Keep it Going Girl!

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